The Maule M-9-235

Legendary MAULE Performance

Maule has been building STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) Aircraft right here in the USA since 1962. Maule M-9-235 specs: FAA Certified to 2800 lbs. GRWT. 1100 lbs. Useful Load (St. Equip.) Takeoff over 50′ Obs.: 791 ft. @ 2800 lbs. Cruise (75% Opt. Alt.): 137 KTAS FOUR Adults AND Luggage AND 4 Hours Range Enhancements found on the M-9-235: Gross Weight Increase of 300 lbs. (2800 lbs. Gross Weight) Extremely Rugged Spring Aluminum Main Gear with Gun-Drilled Internal Brake Line. High Lift, All Metal Wings with Substantially Reinforced Spars and Attach Points. Larger Rivets and Bolts in Key Areas for Enhanced Strength. Structural Reinforcements in the Fuselage Including Reinforced Mounting Tube for Tailwheel Forward Leaf Spring Attach Point. Cross-Country Cruiser: Carry 4 Adults plus 100 lbs. of luggage and over 4 hours of fuel. Multi-Mission Aircraft: Carry 2 Adults plus 250 lbs. of equipment and over 7 hours of fuel. Modular Cabin with Quick Removal Seats: – Pilot plus 4 Passengers – Pilot plus 3 Passengers and Luggage – Pilot and Copilot plus approximately 42 cubic feet of...


Maule Performance Videos

Short Takeoff and Landing in Action

Experience the thrill and excitement of backcountry flying in a Maule – from your favorite chair. Maule Performance Videos 2012 Maule MX-7-180B w/ 200cm MT Prop The Mighty Maule M-7 How It’s Made – Maule Air Super Short sandbar landing and takeoff in a Maule M7… Density altitude 6500 Camping Maules Flying from Cabin Creek to Vines airstrip in the Idaho backcountry in a Maule M7 Bumpy brutal “strip” in utah Great little mesa landing Taking a Maule M7 Off road on a bumpy mesa A compilation of landings and takeoffs in a Maule M7 Pretty mesa landing Old but fun one Maule M7 tight approach Good Quality version of Landing on a tight gravel Bar in A Maule M7 Hydroplaning bush landing in a maule Landing Soldier Bar Airstrip in Idaho...