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Maule MX-7 Series

The Maule MX-7 Series is a fun and easy to fly STOL aircraft. Powered by a 180hp Lycoming 4 cylinder engine it provides a perfect blend of performance and fuel efficiency! All MX-7-180 models (more...)

Maule M-7 Series

The Maule M-7 Series is a highly versatile aircraft. The M-7 can be loaded with 85 gallons of fuel which gives this 235 or 260 HP workhorse extended endurance. A four door fuselage design gives (more...)

Maule M-9 Series

The Maule M-9 Series brings legendary Maule performance with structural reinforcements in the wings, fuselage, and landing gear to give the M9 a gross weight of 2800 lbs; a 300 lb. increase (more...)