Maule Air STOL

Celebrating 60 Years of FAA Type Certification!

Opening a New World of BackCountry

There is something about taildraggers that captured my heart and imagination as young student pilot. Although it would be many years before I was fortunate enough to be able to buy a new airplane, that feeling never left my mind. I didn’t know much about Maules but the more I learned about them the more I liked what I saw. In the end, the performance and value of the Maule M7 made the choice an obvious one.

Years later I’m reminded that I made the right choice each time I push in the throttle and the plane leaps into the air. The fit and finish of the aircraft is impressive and it has proven itself to be versatile, reliable, and safe. Side by side seating and a spacious cabin are the way to go for any adventure minded pilot. The folding rear doors allow easy loading of cargo, passengers and gear – I even got 3 people and 3 full size mountain bikes in there for a weekend adventure!

Owning a Maule also opens up a whole new world of backcountry and off pavement flying if you are up for the challenge of learning the skills that go with it. The places you can go and the people you meet along the way are nothing short of amazing.

I have done things I never thought possible and on several occasions even landed where no plane has landed before. I hope to have many more such adventures in my Maule – the kind that got me excited about flying in the first place!

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