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A Plane with “Wow” Factor

My Maule Experience: Daniel Adair

I’ve been a pilot since 2014 and started off with a light sport license. I owned an Aeroproakt A22 Foxbat for a couple of years and operated out of a 800×50 grass strip which was surrounded by obstacles. Living in British Columbia gives me access to great backcountry strips and I was very accustomed to taking off in 300 feet and getting into tricky places.

When I decided to go for my PPL and get a larger airplane I tried all the usual contenders and was disappointed. Not because they were bad planes, but because there was no “wow” factor, and wouldn’t be able to perform at a level I was used to.

With some research, I found that all roads lead to a Maule. It was exactly what I was looking for. I remember the first take off, being pushed back on my seat from the power, and then within seconds, airborne. Fantastic visibility, short take off and landing rolls, cruises fast, lands slow, and all in a plane that stands out from the crowd. The thought of a taildragger made me nervous at first, but now I could never go back. Very stable and easy to control on the ground and a load of fun.

Get a Maule, you won’t be disappointed!

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