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Celebrating 60 Years of FAA Type Certification!

Checking All the Boxes

My Husband and I have owned our Maule M7 for about 11 years. During that time we have had the privilege of owning quite a few planes. We have had Carbon Cubs, Super Cubs, Cessnas, and Huskies. Additionally through our seminars we have had been lucky enough to fly just about every plane with STOL or backcountry capabilities. All planes do something well, perhaps even best in some categories.

The Maule M7 for us, has checked so many boxes. It’s STOL capabilities are great, ours has a 980 LBS payload, with full fuel we can tanker plenty in the backcountry or have great range, and lastly its fast enough to travel with. We primarily use ours for recreational access, so the big doors are great for getting our kayaks or bikes in the back. While we don’t usually carry passengers having the flexibility to do so is nice. I also personally like the side by side seating that our other STOL type planes don’t have.

All in the fact that the plane is as comfortable on a 300’ sandbar as it is flying a 800 mile leg with a decent load really speaks for its self. I can’t imagine another plane that fits our mission a perfectly as the Maule M7

My Maule Story: Lindsey Moreland ATP and owner of Backcountry aviation LLC 

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