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Veryon Publicashions is the exclusive provider and distributor of electronic publications for Maule Air Inc. All Maule Air publications (Illustrated Parts Catalogs, Maintenance Manuals, Service Bulletins/Service Letters and ePOH’s) are available through Veryon by visiting their website, by emailing or by telephone: (US & Canada) 800.227.4610 or worldwide (+1) 415.330.9500.








Veryon Publications is the exclusive provider and distributor of electronic publications for Maule Air Inc. All Maule Air Illustrated Parts Catalogs are available through Veryon by visiting their website, by emailing or by telephone: (US & Canada) 800.227.4610 or worldwide (+1) 415.330.9500


Contact our friendly parts department to order parts for your Maule aircraft.

Phone: 229-985-2045 ext. 2.



SERVICE Bulletins

Click here to find the Service Bulletins applicable to your aircraft

1   (Horizontal Tail To Fuselage Front Attach Tubes)
2   (Rudder Bar Assembly Reinforcement)
3   (Alternate Air Intake Hose)
4   (Installation Of Canadian Aircraft Products Floats Model 62-2000)
5   (Quick Drains For main Tanks)
6   (Auxiliary Tank Vent Line Check Valves)
7   (Fuel Crossover Supply Line Located Under Front Seats)
8   (Panel Light Dimmer Controls)
9   (Elevator Control Cable Attachments)
10   (Relocation Of Gascolator & Electric Fuel Pump On M-4-210 With Dual Exhaust
11   (Wing Strut Assembly Inspection/Replacement)
12   (Aileron Control Cables)
13   Reserved
14   (Forward Rudder Control Cables)
15   Fuel Pressure Gauge Hose Installation)
16   (Carburetor Heat Air Valve)
17   (Forward Rudder Control Cable Inspection/Rix/Guide Tube Installation)
18   (M-4 & M-4-180C with Auxiliary Fuel Tanks)
19   (Inspection/Replacement Of Maule TW-23 Tire Assembly)
20   (Inspection & Fix Of Nicopress Sleeves)
21   (PLL-7 Fuel Pump & New Fuel Pump Drive For Franklin Engines)
22   (Inspection & Fix Of Wiring To Avionics Converter Installed Under Right Front Seat)
23   (Tailpipe Clamp No. 5072B)
24   (Brake Cylinder Brackets)
25   (Elevator Trim Tab Hinge)
26   (Swing Out Window)
27   (Turbine (-420) Fuel Header Tank Inspection/Replacement)
28   (Gear-Driven Flap Control Mechanism Inspection)
29 (Cancelled)
30   (Elevator Cable Connections Using Color Coding Method)
31   (Baggage Compartment Loading Limits Changed – Area “A” 100 lbs, Area “B” 175 lbs, Area “C” 125 lbs)
32   (Baggage Compartment Loading Limits Changed – Area “A” 100 lbs, Area “B” 175 lbs, Area “C” 125 lbs)
33   Reserved
34 (Muffler Reinforcement)
566   (Lycoming Crankshaft Replacement)

service letters

Click here to find the Service Letters applicable to your aircraft

1   (Weight & Balance Data, Baggage Straps, Baggage Compartment Placard)
2   (Installs a Balance & Weight To Elevators)
3   (Inspects & Corrects Brakes To Prevent Binding & Locking)
4   (Installs FAA Approved AFM In Aircraft)
5   (Installs Forward Seat Stop To Front Seats)
6   (Removes Fuel Limitation Placard & Corrects Prop From Over-revving With Governor In Operation)
7   (Modifications To Prevent Fuel Starvation During Various Flight Attitudes) 
8   (Modification To Prevent Fabric Covering From Possible Loosening At Top Of Windshield)
9   (Retrofit New Elevator Trim Control)
10  (Inspects & Reinforces Rear Engine Mount Support Fitting)
11   (Places “NO SMOKING” placard)
12   (Installs Oil Temperature Cooling Kit)
13   (Installs Guard Plates For The Fuel Crossover Line)
14   (Modifies Rudder Trim Tab Hinges)
15   (Modifies Rudder Trim Tab Hinges)
16   (Installs Alternator Switch)
17   (Inspects For & Repairs Any Cracks In Aileron Hinge & Flap Hinge Bracket)
18   (Modification To Prevent Possible Malfunction Of The Throttle Linkage Control)
19   (Installs Washers Preventing Possible Detachment Of Pulley Bearings From Pulleys On Control Column)
20  (Beefs-up Early Engine Mount)
21   (Modification To Prevent Possibility Of Bucket Seats Coming Off Track)
22   (Installs 5 Amp Ciruit Breaker For Protection Of The Alternator Field Wire)
23   (Inspects For Possible Low Areas In Fuel Line Crossover & Replaces Union Fitting At Firewall)
24   (Relocates Cylinder Head Temp. Probe To #4 Cylinder)
25   (Installs Cylinder Head Temperature Slug)
26   (Installs Baffle To Improve Engine Cooling)
27   (Removes Placard Limiting Full Throttle Power Setting To 5 Minutes)
28   (Cooling Mod For DEO Float Equipped M-5-210C/220C Aircraft)
29   (Provides Clearance Between Prop & Throttle Controls & Control Column Chain)
30   (Re-installs Right Side Exhaust Hanger Brace From Engine Stack To The Alternator Mount A
31  (Installs Coiled Fuel Line Between Check Valve On -210’s)
32   (Installs Quick Drains For Auxiliary Fuel Tank Sumps)
33   (Modification To Prevent & Correct Exhaust Manifold Cracking)
34   (Corrects hartzell Prop Low Pitch Stop From A Setting of 14.5° to 16°
35   (Place “NO SMOKING” Placard In Full View Or Fireproofs Questionable Burgundy Upholstery Fabric)
36   (Revises Center Of Gravity And C.G. Envelope)
37   (Replaces Aileron Pulley Bearing Retaining Washers)
38   (Corrects A Possible Floatplane Reinforcement Deficiency)
39   (Inspects Fuel Line Condition & Replaces If Necessary)
40   (Installs Flap Placard)
41   (Installs Razorback Decal)
42   (Replaces Cont. IO-360-A Engine With IO-360-D Engine)
43   (Modification For Upgross to 2500#)
44   (20°/40° Flap Ratchet Modification)
45   (Modification For Upgross To 2500#)
46   (20°/40° Flap Ratchet Modification)
47   (20°/40° Flap Ratchet Modification)
48   (20°/40° Flap Ratchet Modification)
49   (20°/40° Flap Ratchet Modification)
50   (Model M-4-180C Modified To M-4-220C)
51   (Modification For Upgross To 2500#)
52   (New Alternator Control System (Lamar) For -235)
53   (Model M-4-220C Modified To M-4-210C)
54   (Model M-5-220C Modified To M-5-235C)
55   (Inspection & Possible Replacement Of Elevator Control Cable System Turnbuckles)
56   (Inspects The Condition Of The Rubber Seal On The Carburetor Air Heat Valve & Replaces If Worn And/Or Is Made Of Red Rubber)
57   (Provides A Repair Kit For Fuel Shutoff Valve Used On Cont. IO-360 Engine Installations)
58   (Notification re Lift Strut AD)
59   (Inspection & Possible Repair/Replacement Of Horizontal Stabilizer Struts, Lower Strut Attach Stub Tubes & Attaching Hardware)
60   (New Alternator Control System (Lamar) For -180)
61   (Replaces Attach Hardware For All Doors With Castellated Nuts & Cotter Pins)
62   (Inspection & Possible Field Fix For Nose Gear & Steering Yoke Attachment)
63   (Inspection & Possible Field Fix Of Front Bucket Seat Installation)
64   (Inspection & Possible Field Fix Of Elevator Control Cable & Shackle)
66   (Addition Of High-Strength Bolts As Preferred Option For Outboard & Inboard Attach Bolts For Spring Gears)
67   (Places The Minimum Equipment Placard In An Easily Seen Location In The Cockpit For Those Airplanes Equipped With Vortex Generators)
68   (Control Cables Inspection)
70   (Change Location Of Oil Temperature Probe On Lycoming Engines)
71   (Parking Brake Adjustment Instructions)
72   (Glider Tow Release Handle Installation & Mounting Bracket Orientation Correction If Required)
73   (Inspection Of Dual Caliper Brakes With 8:00 & 8:50 Tires & Correction If Required)

74 (Attach bolts for spring gears V6)

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